Add-on Services

We provide customers with customized products and features based on their specific requirements and preferences. We provide a variety of product configurations and features.


EtailFlow offers customized IT solutions for businesses through hardware integration and software deployment services. EtailFlow provides different configuration combinations and software deployment to achieve day-one efficiency and optimal performance. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) followed by the system integration line is established according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines. Operators are trained and certified by OEMs, making EtailFlow a trusted partner. EtailFlow is dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations through its add-on services.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most important components in a desktop or laptop PC. EtailFlow offers RAM capacities ranging from 8GB to 128GB for various needs, such as gaming, design, small business, and personal computer use. Upgrading RAM can significantly improve a system’s performance, with faster processing speeds, reduced loading times, better 3D rendering, and smoother multitasking. EtailFlow now includes the latest DDR5 technology in our product line.

Hard Drive

A computer hard drive stores the operating system, applications, and data files such as documents, pictures, and music that the computer uses. The hard drive’s endurance, interface, and read and write speed can affect the user experience significantly. EtailFlow provides storage capacity from 256GB to 8TB, which meets various needs and provides the system with peak performance.

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