Warehouse Keeper

Newark, Delaware (Onsite)

Position Overview

The Warehouse Keeper will be a vital part of the warehouse operations, responsible for handling various tasks such as labeling packages, organizing inventory, packaging, and shipping products, and maintaining cleanliness in the workplace. This role requires strict adherence to warehouse regulations and safety rules. The ideal candidate should be organized, attentive to details, and capable of managing the physical demands of the role.

Job Responsibilities

  • Labeling: Accurately remove and apply the specified labels on packages to ensure proper identification and sorting.
  • Inventory Sorting and Organization: Sort and organize inventory efficiently to maintain order and ease in locating items.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Properly package products ensuring their safety and integrity, and ship them according to customer orders and specifications.
  • Safety and Regulation Compliance: Comply with all warehouse regulations and safety rules to maintain a secure and risk-free environment.
  • Warehouse Cleanliness: Regularly clean the warehouse, ensuring that the workplace is tidy, organized, and conducive for optimal operation.
  • Timely Arrangement of Goods: Arrange and position goods effectively to ensure timely shipment and delivery to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Previous experience in a warehouse setting is preferred.
  • Basic understanding of warehouse regulations and safety procedures.
  • Ability to handle physical workload, including lifting, carrying, and moving items.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

If you are interested, please send your resume and the position you are applying to contact@etailflow.com.

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